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Hal Williamson on Design

I am truly inspired by the world around me. New Orleans is my world and muse. I love its ancient oaks, its green bayous, its rich architecture and exotic culture. This has a lot to do with my sensibility to color and design. I love creating peaceful, comfortable interiors with a real sense of place and a hint of surprise. I love a collected home rather than one that looks “decorated.” I am very classical in my approach to design but tailor each home to my clients' specific needs. No two people, that I have met, have ever been the same. So why should their home look like someone else's? It is very personal to me and I want to provide my clients with the upmost in that experience.

I am very sensitive to color and use it carefully. I believe that it adds so much to the feeling that one gets in a home. Everyone reacts differently to each color. Selecting the right combination paint colors can be difficult for most people but I always find colors that are pleasing to my clients and make them feel “at home”. I am told over and over again from my clients that their home is “peaceful, warm and inviting.” That is my goal and I apply it well to traditional or contemporary interiors.

I also have been influenced by my many travels: Paris, Provence, Venice, Palm Beach, as well as my native Georgia.

I love being near the water. I am quite sure that is one of the key reasons that I personally love shades of aqua, blue and green so much. I also love the colors of the Southern landscape. I tend to use those naturally in a seamless effort to bring the outside in.

Scale and proportion are so important in creating an elegant and comfortable interior. I have an excellent sense of style but pay particular attention to scale as well as every little detail. My clients and I have formed long lasting friendships and I treasure that more than anything else. It is, after all, such a personal business – this art of creating the perfect home.

I have always worked with only the best in their fields to help me execute my design plans: This includes my longtime relationships with my drapery and bedding seamstress, wall covering installers, painters, faux finishers and upholsterers. I love to custom design upholstery for my clients' precise needs and to custom design all of my own window treatments and bed coverings.

I have been designing lovely and graceful interiors since 1974, when I first began working in this field. I spent many years in Palm Beach, Coral Gables and Winter Park, Florida before finally settling in New Orleans where I have lived for the past 35 years. I have worked with many other wonderful interior designers for a number of years and have learned well from them. Everyone has different strengths and I have tried to look at them collectively and take the best of what each had to offer me. My whole life has been surrounded by beauty and all I wish to do is to share that knowledge and create beautiful spaces.

I have been fortunate over the many years to have garnered wonderful coverage in the media of both print and on television. My various projects have been featured nationally in such publications as House Beautiful, Southern Accents, House & Garden, New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles, Louisiana Homes & Gardens, The Times Picayune, Artists and Art Galleries of the South, In-Style and others. I have also been featured on HGTV “Homes Across America” and in books on design and interiors: The Southern Cosmopolitan, New Orleans Style/Past & Present, Stealing Magnolias, Southern Comfort: The Garden District of New Orleans, Romantic Homes, The Wall Street Journal and others. I have also garnered many mentions on countless blogs discussing interior design, fashion, color and style.

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully working together with you to create something truly inspired.

Hal Williamson